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PlayCroco Aussie casino is a new online casino with over 300 pokies, slots and table games for Australian players. PlayCroco is all about making your online casino gaming experience totally easy and FUN!

This page provides up to date info on how to access to the casino, contact our support team and our best promotions. Read on to enjoy and have FUN!

PlayCroco is by far my favourite online casino! Easy signup process with the free best bonuses and pokies… Absolutely love PlayCroco Aussie casino!

PlayCroco member

At PlayCroco, you can expect hundreds of daily free bonuses and special benefits as soon as you join the casino. From free spins to exclusive prizes and themed promotions with countless opportunities to haul in some eye-popping wins, we’ve got it all. What’s more, our mascot Mr. Croco loves to vary his offerings from day to day and week to week, so you’ll always have something new to sink your teeth into. PlayCroco release a fresh new game every month and players enjoy different levels of cashback on busted deposits.

We like to do things a little differently at PlayCroco Aussie casino. Above anything, our goal is to provide the best online gambling platform for Aussie pokie lovers and gamers. Our loyalty program is one of a kind – in the sense that no other casino can offer what we do. Essentially, it follows one big journey that has you starting out in the Land of PlayCroco as a BabyCroco, progressing to JuniorCroco and SuperCroco before finally hitting a RoyalCroco status where players are treated like royalty. Read more about our Loyalty Program here.

The benefits of PlayCroco casino loyalty program are infinite.

From special daily, weekly and monthly offers, to access to our premium support team, PlayCroco loves rewarding players for their achievements. If you’re just starting out and need a helping claw unlocking the next CrocoLevel, we’re here for you!

4 CrocoLevels:

  • BabyCroco
  • JuniorCroco
  • SuperCroco
  • RoyalCroco

Our loyalty program is just like our mascot Croco – one of a kind.

Essentially, it follows one big journey that has you starting out in the Land of PlayCroco as a BabyCroco, then progressing to JuniorCroco and SuperCroco before finally hitting RoyalCroco status. Read more about our Loyalty Program here.

In short, every deposit you make helps you advance to the next class. With each new level opening you up to a new set of rewards. such as increased withdrawal limits, cashback bonuses and a personalised host to name a few. More info can be found on our blog.

The benefits of using our loyalty program are more obvious than a crocodile with sunglasses on. Not only will you get to feel like a true blue VIP, your odds will also improve thanks to the sheer amount of bonuses you’re able to access.

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I love playing PlayCroco slots, and the best part about this casino is that you can make a small deposit and get a HUGE bonus code along with it. So you’re always getting free extra cash, free spins and additional bonuses with every deposit made!”

– PlayCroco member

At PlayCroco we listen carefully to all our customers. We proud ourselves for making everyone having an awesome online gaming experience. Thousands of players have shared their reviews about PlayCroco. Keen to find out more?

Which Aussie pokies and slots do we offer?

We offer over 300+ pokies, slots and table games. Each game is themed around a specific character or holiday. Some of our most popular pokies explore Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and even Halloween.

I love their pokies and slots… They make me feel like I am in Vegas!

Suzanne G.

Alongside with pokies and slots, PlayCroco offers hundreds of match bonuses, free spins and secret treats for top players!

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Our 24/7 customer support team is always happy to answer your questions. There two different ways to contact us:

Alternatively, check other way to get in touch with us via our customer support page.